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  • 《I know a short cut》PPT

    《I know a short cut》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《I know a short cut》PPT 第一部分內容:Lets learn Where were John and Joan going? They were standing in front of their house How long do they need to get cinema? They need 15 minutes to get there. We need to w..

  • 《Can you tell me way》PPT

    《Can you tell me way》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《Can you tell me way》PPT 第一部分內容:Showing the way Go straight ahead. Turn right Turn left Turn right / left at the second turning. It is on the right / left. ... ... ... 《Can you tell me way》PPT,第二..

  • 《How to stay safe》PPT

    《How to stay safe》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《How to stay safe》PPT 第一部分內容:單詞學習 safe安全的 safety 安全 Safety first 安全的 cross橫過 cross the street 穿過大街 crossing 人行橫道、十字路口 safety crossing 安全的十字路口 road 路 cross the road 穿..

  • 《Be careful》PPT

    《Be careful》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《Be careful》PPT 第一部分內容:Guess Maybe he ate bad food. Kid,The knife is sharp. Don't cut yourself. Don't touch the fan. You may get hurt. Don't feed the dog. It's so dangerous. ... ... ... 《Be careful》P..

  • 《Ben

    《Ben's first trip to beijing》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《Ben's first trip to beijing》PPT 第一部分內容:Will Where will you go for the holidays ? 你們要去哪兒度假? Will +V原形 表將來 go for 為去 go for a spring outing(去春游), go for a walk(去散步), go for a..

  • 《We will go by train》PPT下載

    《We will go by train》PPT下載

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《We will go by train》PPT下載 第一部分內容:Key phrases: go travelling 去旅游 by train 搭火車 Happy Valley 歡樂谷 Window of the World 世界之窗 Key sentences: 1. How will you go there? 2. We will go there by ..

  • 《We will go by train》PPT課件

    《We will go by train》PPT課件

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《We will go by train》PPT課件 第一部分內容:課前溫習 如何表達交通方式: 1 by +交通工具: by trian by taxi by bike by car by plane by shipb by school bus on foot Key words Hainian Island __ by ship 海南島 乘坐..

  • 《We will go by train》PPT

    《We will go by train》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《We will go by train》PPT 第一部分內容:新課導入 What day is it today? It's Thursday. Whats the date today? It's March 26th. Whats the weather like today? ... ... ... 《We will go by train》PPT,第二部分內容:..

  • 《See you at the party》PPT課件

    《See you at the party》PPT課件

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《See you at the party》PPT課件 第一部分內容:短語回顧 去購物 go shopping 沒問題 No problem. 開派對 have a party 去野餐 go for a picnic = go on a picnic = have a picnic 拜訪Ben visit Ben ... ... ... 《See you a..

  • 《See you at the party》PPT

    《See you at the party》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《See you at the party》PPT 第一部分內容:Key phrases: invite to 邀請 have fun 玩的開心 on this special day 在這個特殊的日子里 call me on 打我的電話 come together 聚在一起 Key sentences: 1. Id like to invite y..

  • 《Would you like to go with us?》PPT課件

    《Would you like to go with us?》PPT課件

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《Would you like to go with us?》PPT課件 第一部分內容:新課導入 What would you like ? What would you like to eat/drink? Would you like to ...? 是邀請用語,語氣委婉客氣. 接受:Yes, Id love / like to. / Yes , of ..

  • 《Would you like to go with us?》PPT

    《Would you like to go with us?》PPT

    欄目:廣州版五年級英語下冊 日期:2018-08-12

    《Would you like to go with us?》PPT 第一部分內容:本課時目標: 1、復習Unit5所學知識。 2、能正確流利的朗讀課文,理解課文,完成練習。 3、同步閱讀訓練,提高閱讀能力。 Would you like to come to tea? Do you want to..

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